A Patron Key for Eve

10.00 USD

Important: Please note that we are only able to sell these keys to people who live in countries where "Loot box Based Gambling" is not banned. This means we are unable to offer this package to people living in Belguim, The Netherlands and so.

This package will give everyone online at the time of delivery 1 patron key. It is suggested to do this when there are more than 10 people online.

Patron Keys can be won from the Voting Crate opposite the Patron Crate. Simply Vote for us to get free keys (Limited to number of available voting sites per day).

Patron Crate Keys, given ingame. Make sure you have at least ONE space free in your inventory to receive the item. Package will not credit untill you free up a space.

To use the key, take it to the Spirit Docks Pawn Shop (Look for the nameplate hologram) and right click the key on this months marked Patron Crate.

Patron Keys are tradeable until used.

Note: If a refund is needed for this item, we will only be able to provide it if ALL given keys are returned. If you have used some, not all of the keys at the time of requesting a refund, we will only offer a partial refund to the value of the remaining keys. For refunds please contact @NiNi, or email admin@aethier.co.uk with your transaction ID.