Subscriber (1 Month)

You decide how much to pay.

Note: Choosing Subscription is a RECURRING Payment. Please be aware that you must cancel this subscription if you wish for payments to stop. If you wish to stop your subscription, you can do so here: Link

Selecting Add to Basket instead pays for just a single term, and does not start a subscription, however will expire after 30 days.

This rank provides you with the following per month:

  • $10 a month/ $120 per annum.
  • Extra Homes (20)
  • Free Large storage Vault. (On Request)
  • 50,000 Arunes upon subscribing (Or one time purchase), 75,000 Arunes Per Renewal. (New)
  • 10 player vaults
  • Access to /tpa
  • Access to /tpahere
  • The Ability to Warp directly to the Black Market
  • 30% discount off of all custom item purchases.
  • Can pick any color for their Tab & Chat Name ingame, can be changed multiple times (But not spammed) [Accessible with "/sub"]