Welcome to the Aethier's Contibution Center.

Contributions to our server are an alternative way of earning all the ingame rewards available with "Forum Credits" that are earned through gaining Hours of playtime.


At the end of every month, we will reward the top 30 players with thier playtime converted at a base rate of 1Cr per 1 hour played. You may also win Credits and store items at any time by attending events, or showing high levels of dedication to the server. This can also be achieved through means such as lore submissions or good performance on the voulunteer player teams.


For your free transactions, Please open a PM with @Serethia, @Natureluvr on the forums requesting either a discount voucher, or a direct package. Packages purchased with credits are account bound and can not be transferred or copied.


Credit Conversion rate is: 1000Cr = $10

You may trade credits with other players via the forums. You may NOT purchase credits directly using real money.


If you wish to contribute to our server to help pay the bills, then please use any of the options on the store. If you require a refund for an accidental purchase, please Open a conversation with @Serethia on the forums or send an email to admin@aethier.co.uk with Your username, purchased items, and your transaction ID. All refund requests must be made within 72 hours.


You may only request a refund if you have NOT used the item. Global events such as MCMMO events that benefit the entire server can not be refunded as they are considered "Used" immediatley.


Please feel free to ask any questions before making any purchases.


All items on the store are designed to be as EULA friendly as possible. All extra features that may give you an unfair advantage are disabled in PVP areas to provide a fair playing environment for all players. All items on the store can be suspended on an individual basis in cases of abuse, or disadvantage to other players. Abusing any "Additional Permissions" or "Perks" in any way that violates the rules, or intentionally impairs another players ability to enjoy the server as intended can result in removal/suspension of perks.


All ranks purchased with real money are elligable to be copied to any and all valid alternative accounts the player may have (Equivalent to amount paid).


Aethier Reserves the right to refuse transactions to players who do not follow the code of conduct. Monetary/Credit transactions do not make you immune to bans, and will not at any point influence decisions made for/against you.


Please note that Aethier can not cancel Subscriptions for you. Please visit Paypal or the payment gateway you used to set up the subscription to do so. You may also be able to use this link. Please contact us if you need any further assistance


For issues with the store, please contact @Serethia via forum conversation, or through the Email Address: admin@aethier.co.uk for a resolution to occur as soon as possible.


This store holds no affiliation with Mojang or its representatives. For issues regarding the Minecraft EULA, please contact admin@aethier.co.uk for a swift response and we will co-operate with requests. We feel our store has been configured fairly, but compliance will be given if we are requested to change it.